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DefDev is a new recruitment platform that links Dutch developers to employers. This is done without the intervention of an external recruiter. The direct contact between the parties should take away the frustrations in the ICT labor market. The DefDev platform went live in January 2020, the name DefDev stands for Definitely Developers.

DefDev is the platform where you can find developers to fill vacancies and assignments. With a 100% focus on developers for the Dutch market and where intermediaries are banned. DefDev is there for the developer who wants applying for jobs to be accessible and direct. And for companies that want to recruit in a new way. This form of retaining staff and / or freelancers is different. Various media have therefore paid attention to DefDev, including Computable and Emerce.

Many companies engage recruitment agencies to fill ICT vacancies. This gives the external recruiter more influence on the recruitment process. This ensures that the way of recruiting in the ICT market does not develop further. DefDev wants to change that: back to basics, where candidates are in direct contact with a potential employer. This ensures one hundred percent transparency.

Currently, more than 1200 developers have registered who are interested in a new job or assignment. This means actively looking and immediately available or open to be approached for a great career move. We share the vacancies posted by partners on the platform in our network on LinkedIn, consisting of more than 15,000 unique developers, a Company Page with 1600+ developers and a Group page with 1350+ developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a profile for developers on the platform is free and only takes a few minutes. DefDev uses ten multiple choice questions to make a candidate findable and "searchable" for companies on the platform. After registering you can look for a new challenge. Via our platform you can directly contact your potential future work or client and determine the pace yourself until the final employment or assignment acceptance. In addition, you have the salary and rate negotiation in your own hands, the use of the platform is completely free for a developer and there is no intermediation.

Companies can subscribe to DefDev if they are looking for developers. The duration, the number of vacancies and the associated price differs per subscription type. Every company will have its own company page on which vacancies can be posted. The subscription costs are the only costs associated with the use of the platform. An overview of the subscriptions:

- 3 months 3 job slots € 425

- 6 months 10 job slots € 750, -

- 12 months 30 job slots € 1200

Developers have to deal with headhunters and recruiters almost every day. They feel socially obliged to speak to someone, even when they are not interested. Moreover, it costs the developers an unnecessary amount of time. By not allowing intermediaries on the platform, we want to avoid social pressure and waste of time.

Vacancy websites are aimed at the entire Dutch labor market. In addition to a developer, a chef or a director can also find a new job here. This creates noise during the job search. There are also platforms that are specifically aimed at vacancies for developers, but these are limited to one type of employment: freelancers or a permanent appointment. DefDev is aimed at software developers who are looking for a job in the Netherlands, both in permanent employment and on a freelance basis.

Because no intermediary is involved, there is no (financial) interest for us to link a company and a developer. A client takes out a subscription for three, six or twelve months with us and can employ an unlimited number of developers during that period. They do not pay per appointment, which is common for recruiters and for which the fees are usually very high. Now that a company does not pay per appointment, that financial barrier is being removed. This removes the pressure during the application process and gives both the employer and the candidate peace of mind.

Software developers create a profile and fill in ten questions in the field of availability, type of employment, specializations, programming languages, work experience, region and language. They can then search for a vacancy or employer based on these wishes. But employers can also approach them for open vacancies.

We want DefDev to become the standard in the recruitment process for developers. It should be the standard tool for any company looking for developers in the Netherlands. We have certainly set ambitions in terms of user numbers on the platform, but the first step is for DefDev to catch on.

Yes, it is possible to request a demo online in which we would like to show you the functionalities of the platform. Book your demo directly here!

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